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IELTS Speaking Questions & Answers (Part-1)

1.Hello. Could you show me your identification card please?
 Sure, here you are.

2. Could you tell me your full name please?
Yes, my full name is …………..

3. What can I call you?
You can call me ………...Because, most of my friends and family members call me ………….

4. How are you?
I am fine and you.

5. How old are you?
I am ………. years old.

6. Does your name have any special meaning?
Yes, my family name means …….., and my first name means ……….  .

7. Is your name important to you?
Yes, my name is very important to me.

8. Where do you come from?
I come from ………………..

9. Where do you live? ( 5 - 6 )
I live with my parents here Uposhohor in Sylhet  at the moment. To be more exact, we live in an apartment in one of the eastern suburbs of the city.

10. Can you tell me something about your hometown?
11. Can you tell me about some famous landscapes in your hometown?
Or  Can you tell me about some famous scenic spots in your hometown?
Or  What are the main places of interest in your hometown? Why?

Sure. Firstly, I could mention the Great Shrine, which you will find in the middle of the city. To the northeast of the city, there are Mountains and parks.My hometown is also very famous for tea gardens and people from many parts of my country come to visit the tea gardens. There are many picnic spots and historical places that add to the charm of the surrounding of my hometown. Jaflong is the one of the most beautiful picnic spots and thousands of people come to visit this place.

12. Which place in your hometown do you like best? (5 - 8)
There are many places that I like. If I have to choose one place, I would like to tell you about Lakkatura Tea Garden. Firstly, it is one of the largest tea gardens in Bangladesh and the area is nearly 900 sq acres. What I mean is that it is a large open space where one can see the sky clearly, and feel free. Secondly, many people of different ages come here especially on holidays to gossip and capture many photos with their dearest and nearest ones.There are also many trees over there.

13. What are the main crops in your region?
In our region many crops are grown. For example, one can find all kinds of vegetables in the fields of this region. In addition, many farmers have orchards. Here they grow many kinds of fruits like apples, pears, and peaches.

14. What are the people like in your hometown?
Or,Can you tell me something about the characters of the people in your hometown?
Well, they are not  different from the people in any other large city. For example, here we  have good and bad people. Secondly, like everyone else, they are trying to work out a good life for themselves and their children. Most of the people in my home town are very friendly and co-operative. They are also hospitable to strangers from other cities and try to help when someone is in a trouble.

15. Are you a student or do you have a job?
I am a student at the moment. I am studying  English Language on a full-time basis at a Language School here . I  have classes in the mornings, afternoons, and evenings. Wednesday afternoons we are off and are allowed to go swimming at a nearby hotel. We have a number of foreign teachers who assist us in the correct pronunciation and grammar of the language.

16. What do you like most about your studies?
Well, I guess the speaking part. Please allow me to explain. Language is all about communication. So when I am able to communicate with someone in English, I feel that I have achieved something. I particularly like our free talk sessions with the foreign teachers. It gives me the opportunity to talk about their countries and rituals .

17. What is your major?
As I have been studying on a full-time basis at an English Language School, we have only one subject namely English for Academic Purposes called EAP. We do reading and writing, practical speaking, and listening by means of cassettes. English is the language of the future, especially in the business world. What I mean to say is that when I am able to communicate well in English I will not only be able to go and study abroad and improve my qualifications, but also have a very necessary tool for my future career.

18. What kind of job would you prefer after graduation?
I would like to become a medical doctor. Please allow me to explain. Firstly, I would like to render a service in the community to which I will eventually belong. For example, I would like to assist the elderly who do not have the financial means to afford private hospitals.

19. What are your job prospects?
I am planning to become a Hotel Manager. Please allow me to explain. Firstly, I believe that the hotel industry will be growing greatly in future. For example, people are becoming more affluent, and spend more and more of their money on holidays. In addition, I believe that after graduating I will be able to find a good job anywhere in the world.

20. Do you have a degree? If so, when and where did you graduate?
Yes. I have a Bachelors Degree in Electrical Engineering. I graduated in 2001 from ……….. University. It is the largest university in my country and has about twenty thousand students.

21. What impressed you most when you were at university / college?
I was most impressed by the knowledge and skills of my lecturers. For example, they had experience in the working environment, and could tell us exactly what we would come across there. Secondly, I was impressed by the facilities. For example, we had a large library, well-equipped laboratories, and sporting facilities at our university/college.

22. Do you still remember your school days?
Of course! Those were some of the best times in my life. Firstly they were carefree days. What I mean to say is that I had no or very few worries. My parents provided in my day-to-day needs. Secondly, I had many friends in school.

23. What do you do for a living?
Or. Describe your job in detail.
I am an Engineer. Allow me to explain myself by shortly mentioning the following points: Firstly, I work for a large construction company. To be more precise, we specialize in the building of railway bridges. Secondly, I would like to mention that I am in the designing department. We have to look at the site for a new bridge, and then decide what type of bridge will be suitable. Lastly, we have to make recommendations to the railway company of all the alternatives, and give them some ideas of the costs.

24. Is your job important to you?
My job is very important to me, because by doing it I can serve my community and my country. For example, when my company builds a new road, many people benefit from our work. Secondly, it makes me feel good about myself. For instance, I am earning enough money to be able to rent my own apartment and bear the all expenses of my family.

25. If you could, would you change your job?
No, not really. What I mean is that I am very happy with my present job. In addition, in my present job I get along well with my colleagues. If I change my present job, I may not find such nice people to work with and may be very unhappy. Besides, I believe I will be able to develop my career here. For instance, if I keep up the good work that I am presently doing, I could be promoted in two years time and so become the head of a department.
Although I am very happy in my present job, I believe one should always be ambitious. That is to say one should never be complacent, but should be on the lookout for opportunities to advance in one’s career. Furthermore, I would not hesitate for one moment if I could obtain a promotion by changing job. I realize that one should show some loyalty to present employer, but there has to be a balance between looking after one’s own interests and those of your present employer.

26. Are their possible changes that could affect your job in any way?
I don’t think so. The company that I am working for is large and strong. In addition, I am always in a good relation with my colleagues and my boss.

27. Could you tell me something about your family?
Certainly. My family consists of my father, my mother, and me. I don’t have any brothers or sisters. My grandparents passed away when I was very young.
My father is a teacher and my mother is a housewife.

28. What do you think of the One-Child Policy in China?
That’s a tough question. Allow me to explain my personal views by shortly mentioning the following points: Firstly, I think China has to take the policy because of a rapid population growth. Secondly, I believe the policy will give China a chance to move ahead in the world. What I mean to say is that as soon as the population growth will stabilize, China will be able to make progress in the fight against unemployment.

29. Why do people in your country traditionally want to have a son?
That’s an interesting question. Allow me to explain my personal views by shortly mentioning the following points: First of all, I believe that fathers all over the world want someone to carry their name into the future. For example, in many countries it is customary for a boy to receive his grandfathers’ name. A second reason that I could mention is that parents worry about what will happen to them after retirement. They feel that when they have a son he would be able to provide for them in future.

30. Who does most of the shopping in your family?
My mother does most of the shopping of my family, but my father and I do some shopping from time to time. My parents allow me to buy my own clothes, books, shoes and other necessary things of many sorts. Specially, my father does shopping for our family at weekends. 

31. Who does most of the cooking in your family?
My mother does most of the cooking, but my father and I do some cooking from time to time. Specially, I cook some special foods sometimes at weekends.

32. How does your family feel about you going abroad?
They are very happy about me going abroad. I believe my parents will be very proud if I can achieve a degree from a university abroad. In addition, they themselves never had the opportunity to study abroad. I am their only child, and they can do anything in their power to allow me to have the opportunity.

33. Are you married, and if so when did you get married?
Yes, I am married. I got married about three years ago.

34. Do you have any children?
No, I don’t have any children yet, but we are planning to have a son and a daughter.

35. Are there any traditions around the birth of a baby in your region?
Yes, there are a few traditions. Firstly, after the baby is born, the father gives his wife some flowers, and takes photographs of the baby and her. When the baby arrives at home, the parents make prints of baby’s hands and feet.
36. What do you usually do in your spare time?
As a matter of fact, I have very little spare time these days. My studies are so important to me. Usually, I play games and gossip with my friends in my spare time.

37. Do you often watch TV? What is your favorite program?
Yes, I often watch TV. My favorite program is Sports Zone, because I have a great interest in sports.

38. Do you think watching TV is a waste of time?
No, I do not think watching TV is a waste of time. Firstly, one can learn a lot from watching TV and secondly, it is a good way to relax. For example, the soap operas help me relax, while the documentaries are informative. Besides, I believe that TV has become the best source of information these days. For example, it is a fast and convenient way to find out the latest news all over the world.
39. What does friendship mean to you?
Friendship means a relationship that is created naturally in our lives and makes us closer to each other. I believe that friendship should be the basis for many of our relationships. Husbands and wives, for example, should be friends. In addition, I need friends to help me when I am in trouble.

40. Do you have a lot of friends?
Yes, I have a lot of friends. Some of them are only casual friends like my friends at work, but I also have some close friends. For example, I have some friends with whom I feel comfortable to share my important something. They are very cordial to me.

41. Do you prefer to be alone or to be with friends?
Most often, I prefer to be alone. I like reading which takes a lot of my time. Reading to me is a way of studying, so I have to do it alone. Sometimes, I prefer to be with my friends especially in my leisure time and when I visit my relatives or any beautiful place.

42. What do you usually do with your friends?
I usually gossip and play games with my friends.

43. What do you usually do on weekdays and at weekends?
On weekdays, I go to my college and attend my classes. Most often, I am very busy with my studies on weekdays. At weekends, I like to go out with my friends and visit new shopping malls in the city. Sometimes, we sit in a restaurant and have something to drink.

44. What do you usually do when you go out?
I usually go to the nearest cyber cafe with some of my friends when I go out and spend many hours playing games or surfing the internet.

45. Do you like reading?
Yes. I like reading very much and I believe that all of us should read a lot. Because, when you read something new you acquire new knowledge, which in turn will broaden your views on important matters.

46. What kinds of books do you like best?
I like novels, because I like to read a storyline (the series of an event) that is full of intrigue (conspiracy) and suspense.

47. Describe a book that you have read recently.
I have recently read a book about the history of South Africa. It is called The Covenant, and was written by a famous American author called James Mitchener. It describes the history from the very first days up to the present. It covers all aspects of the country, but focuses on the people of the country. It also describes the political situation over the past fifty years, which was based on racial discrimination and had become known to the world as apartheid.

48. Do you often read the newspapers?
Yes, I often read newspapers. Specially, I read online newspapers.
49. Do you have a hobby?
Yes, my hobby is stamp collecting and I have a great interest in stamp collecting. I have been collecting stamps for about two years.

50. Why have you chosen this hobby?
First of all, when I collect stamps, I am able to learn more about the world, and you will not be bored easily. What I mean to say is that you can get stamps from every country in the world, and the stamps often say something about that country and its people. Secondly, you are able to meet new friends through your hobby. Sometimes, stamps represent the heritage and rituals of a nation.

51. What color do you like? Why?
I like red. Please allow me to explain. In my country, red is associated with life and good luck. For example, a bride wears something red on her wedding day in the hope that it will bring something better in the future.

52. Do you like / enjoy shopping?
Yes, I enjoy shopping. Specially, I go shopping to different shopping malls with my friends at weekends. I usually buy my clothes, books, cosmetics and other necessary things.

53. Do you often go to the cinema?
Yes, I go to the cinema as often as possible. I usually go with some friends to watch the latest documentary and action movies. I also like to watch horror movies.

54. Do you often go to the theater?
No. I have never been to the theater. Firstly, it is too expensive for me. I prefer to go to the cinema. Besides, I believe that theater is boring. What I mean to say is that the actors are on the same stage the whole time.

55. What kinds of movies do you like best?
I like best documentary movies, because documentary movies tickles my fancy and related to the reality.

56. Who is your favorite movie star? Describe him / her.
My favorite movie star is Jackie Cheng. He is handsome and very funny. He always has a smile on his face and never seems to be worried about the situations that he finds himself in. The U.S. President Clinton went to watch one of his movies with him.

57. Do you like music?
Or. Do you think music is important?
Yes, I like music very much. That is to say, I cannot imagine what my life would be like without music. Furthermore, I believe music plays an important part in people’s lives. For example, we can use it to sooth our minds after a hard day at work, or it can provide us with the rhythm to dance.

58. What kind of music do you enjoy most?
I like most pop music. First of all, pop music is lively, and suits me at my age. What I mean to say is that I like to listen to pop music, because it has a great excitement. Moreover, pop music is simple to understand and helps me relax after I study hard for some time.

59. How long do you listen to music everyday?
I listen to music for about half an hour every day. I would like to listen to music when I get home from school or in the evenings before I go to bed. At weekends, however, I listen to music much more. For example, I invite my best friends and we listen to our favorite CDs for a few hours.

60. Do you like traveling?
Yes, I like traveling very much, because I believe that traveling is always educational .Traveling also broadens our outlook and increases our knowledge of new places, communities and rituals.

61. How do you usually travel?
I usually travel by bus, because bus is cheap and easy to get.

62. What kind of places do you like to visit?
I like to visit places where there are a lot of entertainment and interesting things. I also like to visit historical places and museums.

63. What are the differences between urban and rural areas?
There are many differences between urban and rural areas. They differ in size, infrastructures and facilities. Compared to villages, cities are bigger in terms of area. Cities have lots of wider roads, flyovers, high rise buildings, shopping malls and so on, whereas there are old houses, narrow roads and natural landscapes in villages. Villages are also free from political anarchy and environmental problems.

64. What are the advantages and disadvantages of living in urban/ rural areas?
Urban areas provide better facilities such as water, electricity, drainage, transport and health services. Furthermore, cities also have higher employment opportunities and better educational institutions. On the contrary, the lifestyle in urban areas is more stressful, faster and more problematic.

Rural areas have fewer facilities in terms of health, transport, employment, education, treatment and so no. But, people in villages live in comfort with unity. Besides, they get fresh air, vegetables   and pollution free environment.

65. What are the perceptions of urban people for countryside people?
Most often, people of urban areas think village people are not very competent .They think people in rural areas can not lead a modern life with their family members; hence many of them like to settle in cities for a better life style.

66. What are the consequences of more people migrating to cities from villages?
The people who live in cities are facing lots of problems due to a sharp rise in the population coming to cities from villages. First of all, this will put an extra load on urban systems and oblige cities to expand in an unorganized pattern. Besides, there will be an imbalance in cities’ lucrative facilities if more and more people migrate to cities from villages, because the huge populations need more foods, water and other necessary things.

67. What should be done to prevent the migration of people from villages to cities?
The government of a country should take some effective measures to stop the migration of village people. Firstly, the government can provide all modern facilities to rural areas, so that villagers can get electricity, good health, education and transportation facilities in their areas. Moreover, job opportunities of many sorts must be created in villages; as a result, villagers can get many kinds of job and earn their livelihood in their localities. When people start getting all modern facilities in villages, they will not migrate to cities.

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